The business was started in the early 90's by Joe and Rita Holloway. Rita Holloway was a nurse and Joe played saxophone professionally six nights a week. Rita got tired of sitting at home while Joe played in a night club so she bought a repair manual and started reading about how to repair instruments. They turned a spare bedroom into a shop and picked up a few instruments and the race was on.

Joe had worked on his sax for years so it didn't take them long to know enough to start working on instruments for a local music store.
The business grew from a bedroom based home business into a 3,000 sq ft bldg open 6 days a week. Although Rita is disabled and hasn't been able to work in years, she is still referred to as THE BOSS and hates that she can't be here to see that we do things her way.

They named the business The Saxophone Place because they both played sax and needed a name for the business; hence, The Sax Place. Neither of them ever had a clue the business would grow to a point that the name would actually hurt business. Many people think that The Sax Place is only about Saxes but that's far from the truth. The Sax Place sells and repairs all band instruments, not just saxes.

Several years ago an agreement was reached with Amro Music in Memphis and the Sax Place not only became a repair center for Amro's rental instruments but also became a rental center for Amro.