Buying used instruments


The band instruments that we sell are those that we either took in on trade, or
ones that we purchased when students no longer needed them. We
will not buy "NO NAME" * instruments so please don't ask.
We can't sell for low prices unless we can buy at low prices.
We don't make any promises to re-purchase instruments that
we sell. There are several conditions that must be met before we buy
instruments. We must need the instrument, it must be the right brand,
and it must be in the right condition and the price has to be right. If all
conditions are met and we make you an offer and you
don't want to sell, we won't be offended. Although what we offer you might
not be as much as you would like, our offer is usually the best offer that you
will get. Keep in mind that we do have to buy wholesale in order to make
money and stay in business.
* When we say "NO Name" we mean that it must be a name brand that band directors
will allow in their band program. Vito, Yamaha, Holton, Buffet, LeBlanc, Selmer,
Bundy, Olds, Accent, Bach, Jupiter, Blessing are some of the name brand
instruments that we might purchase.